August 2005
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August 2005

SAM'S CLUB™ makes it easy and affordable for business members to build Web sites

Mississauga, Ontario – August 1, 2005 -- SAM'S CLUB Canada and, Inc. today announced a new Business Web Site service to help SAM’S CLUB members grow their business and attract customers through the Internet. The service, available to SAM'S CLUB Canada primary business and individual members, delivers the power of the Internet to any size business while eliminating the hassles usually associated with building and maintaining a Web site including, time, technical complexity and expense. will offer the Business Web Site service to SAM’S CLUB Canada members for no cost during the first 12 months, enabling members to get started online with a professional Web site and Internet e-mail. Members can also add advanced features including on-line advertising, e-commerce capabilities, inventory management and more, at an additional cost.

"Vista’s new Business Web Site offering brings online promotion capability to even the smallest business in the true spirit of the SAM’S CLUB low-cost philosophy. This is another example of how we will continue to grow our benefit programs to help our members and their businesses succeed", said Randy Edwards, Senior Vice President of SAM’S CLUB Canada.

Ease and Quality Are Top Priorities

SAM'S CLUB members will be able to work with a Vista representative by phone and go online to create a professional-looking Web presence in minutes, rather than the months of development time typically associated with launching a business online. The service offers nearly 100 industry-specific templates with tools for adding corporate logos, photos and company-specific text. The complete online platform eliminates the need for members to download software, possess Web site coding capabilities, or provide any graphic design. A restaurant owner, for example, can select a template, upload the logo, post a menu, and begin processing take-out orders or online reservations -- all in the same day.

Under the current offer, a business Web site package is complimentary for the first 12 months to SAM’S CLUB Canada members. A $10 monthly fee or $100 annual fee will apply after 12 months.  The current offer further provides that sites with e-commerce capabilities will be available for the first year at a rate of $10 per month or $100 for the first year, and at a rate of $20 per month or $200 per year after 12 months. phone and online technical support are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, free of charge.

"Companies typically pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to develop a professional Web site, plus pay for ongoing support. Vista and SAM'S CLUB have dramatically reduced the cost to a price any business can afford," Edwards said.

Affordable Custom Design Available

For companies seeking a unique design, advanced functionality or some additional assistance, Vista is also offering custom design and development service packages beginning at $149.

Members can activate a web site today by calling toll-free 1-866-295-4450, or for more information, visit online at

SAM'S CLUB has entered into an agreement with, Inc. to offer to SAM’S CLUB Members the Internet Platform for the Business Web Site benefit. is a private label supplier of Internet business applications for small business customers.

"We believe in removing the cost and complexity barriers associated with Internet applications for small-business owners" said John Wall CEO of Vista.  "I believe that our technology will make the Internet a viable reality for many small business owners."

About SAM'S CLUB Canada

SAM'S CLUB Canada is a division of Wal-Mart Canada Corp.  Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Wal-Mart Canada operates a growing network of 256 discount stores nationwide and six SAM’S CLUB locations in Ontario.

SAM’S CLUB is a low-margin, working warehouse, offering consistent savings on more than 4,000 items, from appliances to home or office supplies; from apparel to frozen foods, produce and baked goods. Members are traditionally small- and medium-business owners, or individuals who understand the value of the membership shopping format. Annual business memberships are $40, and individual memberships are $45 (both $5 less than the prevailing rates in this retail category).

About, Inc.

Vista operates a small business Internet interchange that delivers affordable Web services to small business owners. The Vista Internet interchange enables customers to promote their business with local and national search engine marketing campaigns, sell their products through an integrated online store, credit card processing and electronic cheque transactions, complete point-of-sale transactions, build ongoing relationships with their customers, and measure and manage their business transactions. Vista's goal is to help small businesses benefit from technology innovations that make it easier to attract new customers, sell more products and build stronger customer relationships. For more information on Vista's business, please visit its Web site at


Kevin Groh, Wal-Mart Canada, 905-821-2111 x8012,

Jim Crisera, Vista, Inc., 425-497-9909